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Custom Suits - Harding, NJ

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Welcome to Adam’s Fine Clothing. Since 1958, we’ve been making custom made fine clothing for customers in Harding and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a custom tuxedo, suit, trousers, jacket, or another clothing item, we’ll provide you the best quality for a great price. Since we started operating, we’ve served hundreds of customers and we’ve developed a reputation for outstanding service and attentive customer care.

At Adam’s Fine Clothing, our main goal is to keep our customers satisfied. We’ll work with you to design your clothing item and make sure that it meets your expectations. One of our tailors will take your measurements and we’ll begin designing your fine clothing. Our company uses high quality fabrics, and we perform our work with a close attention to detail. After we’re finished, you’ll have a custom made clothing item that you’ll be proud to wear!

We firmly believe that fine clothing should be affordable. Although we offer some of the highest quality clothing in the tri-state area, we’re known for our reasonable prices.

If you’re ever in the area, stop by our store. If you’re too busy, we can come to your home or workplace to take your measurements.

Made in USA options available!

Please visit our main website for more information.

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